Lombardi Trophy

By Leon Williams

August 22, 2013 (San Diego, CA) — With the recent departure of several bears players to different teams in San Diego, one team came out on top more than any other — the San Diego Thunder, picking up players like  receivers Sean Scales, Sheldon Galloway, Tyron Gipson, and defensive back Mike Farinas make a huge splash. However, none of those stand out like the signing of linebacker Mike Neus.

Prior to the bears break up, Ty Lester,  then Thunder Defensive Coordinator, stated that Mike Neus was not welcomed back, was a cancer, and he would never coach him again.  So it was a surprise to us at SPT,  when we found out that Nues was signed to the Thunder and an even bigger surprise at what cost.

Ty lester stated that he “never felt so disrespected by a fellow coach in his life.” He was once a player with the Thunder and stayed loyal to the program, eventually transitioning into a coach on staff.  When several players move around year-to-year in what many like to call the “Mike free movement,” Lester has been a constant within the Thunder organization.

Let’s raise the question: why choose players who once said “F$%K the Thunder, Derrick is shady, I’ll never play for him again” over a coach that’s been there through the struggle of this early season and has always had your back? Winning? but at what cost?

Yes,  Neus is a great player but has been known to be a cancer. But because of that signing, you now lose your defensive coordinator from the last 3 seasons for a chance at winning a championship. Another question — is winning the only thing that matters? Nues seems to think so, but Lester thinks more about loyalty. Either way, one thing is apparently clear — Derrick Johnson chose winning over everything.

We will keep a close eye on them this season and see how this works out.

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