There’s No Place Like Home

Justin Happ

by Sean Scales

August 1, 2013 (National City, CA) – It was all good just a week ago… or was it? After the blockbuster acquisition made in the offseason by the National City Bears, signing “former” San Diego Thunder Quarterback, Justin Happ, it left many with limitless questions to be answered. Why sign another quarterback when you already have the reigning MVP and Champion quarterback in Michael Clark? This made no sense. However, it only “needed to make sense to those involved”, a quote made famous as of late. But the Bears coaching staff had other plans in mind. There was going to be a way in which the Bears staff would implement this two headed monster, making Flight School, that much more potent. THIS was the notion that Happ bought into, but one, that never seemed to surface.

Due to its failure to never be implemented, this left the 6’5” quarterback with several questions to ask himself, the main one being, “is this the right fit for me?” And as of 12 noon today, Happ decided to remove himself from the program, and head back to the team that he built his success with, the San Diego Thunder.

“The Bears program has been nothing but welcoming to me. From the players, to the coaches, to the owners, it has been the best program I have ever been a part of, but it just didn’t feel like it was ever going to be MY team”, Happ said; a statement that one can never fault a quarterback for making, due to their instilled natural leadership.

Happ’s departure from the Bears affects them none, due to the fact that Happ never suited for a game. However, it leaves many with the question of, “what if?” Happ’s arrival to the Thunder affects the tremendously. By returning to a diminished Thunder program, we are in the makings of possibly seeing the hugest overnight success for a team.

The 1-3 Thunder face a violent and aggressive Steeler team this upcoming Saturday, and what better time than to acquire back your franchise quarterback? How will he be accepted by those he left a few months back? Would the Thunder be in as much turmoil as they currently are, had he never left to begin with? Would they be 4-0? All of those questions are neither here or there, given we cannot change the past. But can Happ’s return, change the future?

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