State of the Bears


By Curtis Perkins Jr.

August 20, 2013 –
The National City Bears, once considered a juggernaut and current defending CFA champs, now find themselves wondering if they can even compete this season. The team started the season with high expectations, hoping to compete for a national title. However after starting the season 2-2 and with the departure of key players the hopes of a national title, maybe even the chance at a repeat CFA title are in major jeopardy.

The franchise began back in 2010 and just like every first year team, they struggled due to minimal talent. The team posted a 4-6 record averaging 14.9 points per game. However 2011 was a different story for scrappy bunch as they improved to a 8-1 record averaging 38.6 points per game.

2011 was headlined by key additions Cornerback Michael Farinas and Quarterback Michael Clark. Along with a host of other key additions the Bears were all of a sudden championship contenders after just two seasons. 2012 was no different for the squad as they took there winning ways to the CFA and while continuing to add talent, won their first championship as a franchise. This solidified the National City Bears as a powerhouse organization with the future looking bright for the still very new squad.

The 2013 season was the “natty or bust” season for the Bears and after this past weekend it’s seems to be looking more like a bust. After starting the season 1-0 the team faced its first test of 2013 going up against the North County Cobras. Bears would fall 20-13 in what most considered a upset. Players were disappointed in the loss but still maintained a positive outlook on the season, However that would soon change.

Following a win against the San Diego Stallions, the Bears would find themselves traveling to San Bernardino to take on the California Raiders. Most would remember the controversy surrounding these two teams a season prior involving the annual Southern California Championship. So to no surprise the game had a lot of buzz around it. What was thought to be a battle between to powerhouse teams turned into a rout to the tune of 47-21 in favor out the raiders.

Now at 2-2 the news would only go from bad to worst for the Bears. With rumors of a shortened season and a league down to 5 teams it seemed as if the players on began to get frustrated. In the past week more then 14 players (most starters) have decided to no longer be apart of the Bear organization. One player stated his reason for leaving saying “The CFA isn’t holding up….5 games just isn’t enough”, also adding how the situation is “taking the fun out of it”. Even with the departures, the remaining Bears still remain optimistic on their season, but with the loss of such key contributors it’s hard to not feel that 2010 vibe all over again. The question now is how do the Bears response? Do more people follow suit in departing the organization? It’s up to remaining vets such as Clark, Eric Matos, and Cameron Coffey to rally the troops to salvage what most believe will be a sub-par season.

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