Separation of Powers

seperation of powers

As we embark on the 2013-2014 season of Semi Professional Football, it will be another year of ifs, ands or buts. The SCFA has been born to unify Southern California football, 3 months later it has created a separation between half of SoCals top tier teams. The Bears will not be playing the Blackhawks, Ditas has been accused of bad business, the LCFL is late on its corporate taxes, and a 2012 powerhouse team has folded. Out of these events, which one of them have been caused by the ones who fund the leagues?

We Are Semi Pro Football

Let’s all put this into perspective. How many of us have played a Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving? How many of us had grown men (or women) coaches bickering on the sidelines during these games? None right! This level is put together for one reason, its not to go on to play at the next level, or to make money. It is so players like yourself and I can continue to do what we love to do every Saturday. Have our family, friends and teammates cheer us on while we play for 60 minutes, relive old memories of the glory days or for some even make some new ones. This is what Semi Pro Football is.

We as the players need to create a voice for all of us that has an authority and an influence on these types of decisions. Without our participation, there is no football season. As players we are in a position that has never been given to us in a sport, from Pop Warner to the Pros. Year in and year out, your hard earned money is what allows this level to exist, and without it, there is no football season, there are no teams, and there is no chance for others to potentially do “Bad Business”. For the years to come, we can not allow these types of seasons to happen. Meetings behind closed doors to purposefully shut out others teams, exiling an entire league from even playing a game against a team that is not a part of their affiliation, personal vendettas against other team owners that turn into us, the players having a limited season. These are the kinds of things that make a soap opera set blockbuster numbers for there ratings.

What Can Be Done Differently

After the catastrophe of the SFCA, I think it is really important that we as the players construct a union that can not only ledge a voice into the debates but have a determining voice as to what goes on beyond the yard markers. We can no longer allow these types of actions to occur without our consent, and by constructing this union we will be able to allow our voice to be heard when these types of atrocities happen within our leagues.

No one can take away from the long term goal of finally having a unified Southern California Semi Pro Football league, but this year was just a complete fail. After talking with numerous teams that are part of the alliance, I have become familiar with the term “Ditas” and how she has performed a malpractice of an ownership of the National City Bears. After further questioning the reasoning has always come down to “Well she hasn’t done anything to me personally, but I have heard that…”. This is bullshit to say the least! No one has an explanation but a handful of teams that were involved with the Southern California Championship game that was suppose to occur. These events were something that #1, yes were harmful to the progression of Semi Pro Football, #2 detrimental to the 2012-2013 season, and #3 not of high character. But after speaking with numerous individuals that were involved, are these things worth not having a highly competitive league involved with a grand majority of semi pro footballs top teams? The answer is “NO!”. We as the players should not allow one individual or a group of individuals for that matter to hinder us from paying to play against the best competition possible.

The Next Step

From here on out, we should question our owners decisions, push against the grain, and have a voice to set what is wrong to be right. So far all we have heard is that the 2013 season is underway and nothing can be changed. But what most of us don’t realize is that we control the 2014 season, and we can single handily change what has been accused as a wrong from 2012. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of the if, ands or buts for the past 3 years in having a true Southern California champion. Starting with the Carson Ragin Bulls, moving onto the Norwalk Cowboys and then onto the National City Bears. These post season games are ones that take winning 14+ games to get to, and bickering owners are no reason to not play these games.

Let us make a stand for 2014 and include our voice as an influential players union as to what decision these leagues make for us. Lets, play ball, have fun, and move on…

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