Semi Pro Talk’s Games of the Year

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By. Dr.Buffy

With the regular season fast approaching here are some games that should definitely be viewed as game of the week/year material. As always things can change. Some teams we are discounting now or have yet to see can make some additional games more enthralling( so some of y’all get out your feelings now thanks )

September 21st: North County Cobras @ Blackhawks at Jackie Robinson Stadium
Potentially the premiere rivalry in the LCFL. These two met in the 2009 and 2011 Championship games. Each team taking home the top prize . Last year the Blackhawks defeated the Cobras handily 44-15, but the Cobras in the preseason have pulled some impressive performances including defeating another defending champion the NC Bears.

October 19th Inglewood Blackhawks vs. Socal Steelers at St.Anthony’s High School
The biggest threat to the Blackhawks vaunted streak came twice from the Socal Steelers. These two teams met in the 2012 LCFL championship game, with the Blackhawks narrowly winning 27-25. The Blackhawks and Steelers return many key components, and added some big free agents. For the Blackhawks M.A and Corey Hudson amongst them. The Steelers added premiere d-lineman Bernard Tuia Afutiti and Defensive Back Herbert Cash.

November 2nd California Raiders vs. Inglewood Blackhawks
Another post season match up. These two teams met for the 2012 National Football Events/Western Football News National Championship Game. The Blackhawks were victorious 44-24. The Raiders have been undefeated during the pre-season, and have a potential MVP in dangerous return man Dante Turner.

September 7th NC Cobras vs. Hollywood Stars: Whittier College
A regular season cross league matchup between the Hollywood Stars the CFA runner up taking on the LCFL’s NC Cobras. This will be the first matchup between two of Socal’s elite teams.

October 19th California Tide vs. Raiders San Bernadino High
The Tide have had a bipolar pre-season. Struggling with lowly Eagles, losing players such as Herbert Cash, Charles Ealy, Justin Ellis , pulling out a huge overtime win against the Cobras, and losing a touch game to the Blackhawks. Prior the merger of LCFL/UFAL/CFAC this would be viewed as a potential championship preview.

September 14th National City Bears vs. Hollywood Stars: Whittier College
The CFA championship rematch ( and the bonafide , unquestionable, undeniable CFA game of the year). These two are viewed as the class of the league, and this is expected to be another great match up with both teams returning their key components.

Mercury vs. Spartans TBA
Thanks to a certain message board marketing director The Spartans have created a level of buzz around them. As they say no publicity is bad publicity. There only action was a thorough BEASTING of the lowly Meerkats. The Mercury are controversially the runner-ups in the UFA and have been viewed as the team to beat in the PCFC. They lost a close game to Stars, and posted victories against the Meerkats and Dolphins.

Apaches vs. Spartans TBA
The Apaches might be the most hyped team of the season. They are viewed as championship contender, but have yet to step on the field. There has been some trash talking between both teams.

Mercury vs. Apaches TBA
The 3rd battle between the teams viewed as the top tier teams of the PCFC. These two have met in the past as part of the UFA and now will battle in out for who is the team to beat in the PCFC.

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