Player Spotlight: Marquise Avery

Marquise Ave

By Craig Robbins


July 25, 2013 (Pasadena, CA) — Nate Silver’s book, “The Signal and the Noise,” is about predictions. More specifically, predicting baseball performances and the election of 2008 is the basis of his innovative system. Drawing on his own groundbreaking work, Silver examines the world of prediction, investigating how we can distinguish a true signal from a universe of noisy data. Most predictions fail due to society’s failure in the understanding of probability and certainty. In the case of the California Tide, the noise of naysayers predetermining the fate of the team, due to recent player departure, shielded the actual signals for the team’s success: Parrish to Avery.


Receiver Marquis Avery exploded on to the semi pro football scene in 2011 with the Norwalk Cowboys late in the season, being a key asset in the team winning the inaugural and only UDFL championship.


In the ensuing year, Avery joined his previous quarterback (Kyle Parrish) as a member on the California Tide, in which he had his vision set on leaving his footprint on the CFA. Avery led his team to a CFA northern division championship, catching 24 passes for 473 yards and 7 touchdowns (shortened season), and an eventual all-star selection in 2012.


The 2013 season displayed some tumultuous times for Avery and the Tide initially, losing some key acquisitions at an unprecedented rate, but most forgot the one remaining constant the team had — the Parrish-to-Avery-connection.  Quarterback Kyle Parrish and Marquis Avery have been torching opposing defenses since 2011, and a little adversity would never stop an exciting connection.


The North County Cobras received a first-hand glimpse of the connection, as Avery caught 6 passes for 116 yards and 3 touchdowns, in a 26-20 overtime thriller last Saturday in Pasadena, CA. The win was paramount for the Tide, as the Cobras are one of Southern California’s top teams, and Avery is responsible for the Team’s recent recognition.


Avery and the Tide are definitely one of the few favorites to potentially win the LCFL championship. The San Jose St. Alum looks primed to make a premiere showing in 2013, and it’s recommended that teams take notice.

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