Player Spotlight: Hayo Carpenter

Hayo Carpenter

By Craig Robbins

July 18, 2013 (Los Angeles, CA) – After torching opposing defenses in the LCFL West last season, Hayo Carpenter is a man on a mission, looking to prove all the naysayers wrong; showing he is no flash-in-the-pan, one-year wonder. In 2012, the Southern California Steelers’ offense was already equipped with exceptional players, having the likes of Terrance Moore (WR), Corey Hudson (RB), and quarterback Travis Rogers. Steelers Head Coach Kevin Dodson was assured, given his performance in practice, that Carpenter would definitely be the team’s ultimate X-factor.

The University of Minnesota alum took the league by storm, here on the west coast, becoming a key staple in the Steelers’ passing game. Carpenter went on to lead the LCFL West in receiving yards with 992 and falling two touchdowns shy of Solomon Jones’ (Inglewood Blackhawks) league-leading 13 touchdowns with 11 for himself, and losing the Rookie-of-the-year battle to his very on teammate, Travis Rogers (QB). There was a bit of a statistical discrepancy supposedly, with few claiming Carpenter actually being cut short 200 yards or so from his stats – No one from the league available to confirm or deny.

With the esteemed talent all returning for 2013, and adding some quality key pieces, thanks to team’s GM Chris Eddings, the Lawndale, CA native has to be salivating about the possibilities of putting up even better numbers in the ensuing season. The task will not be easy, with every defense in the LCFL West well aware of Carpenter’s whereabouts on the field, every single snap.

The Southern California Gladiators will get a first-hand look at Carpenter and the Steelers this evening, as the two teams will participate in a controlled scrimmage at Esperanza High School.

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