Player Spotlight: Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson

By Craig Robbins


August 1, 2013 (Whittier, CA) — In the sport of football, positions such as quarterback and wide receiver, glamour positions, are often the most sought after, most attentive, and warrant very, very lucrative salaries. If one were to look at some of the NFL’s top base salaries for 2013, you’d see some pretty familiar names: Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers and Adrian Peterson. But to whom are these players: Joe Thomas, Jason Peters and Brandon Albert? Done guessing? These are highly paid, highly regarded offensive linemen, specifically tackles whom block for these glorified offensive weapons. Frequently on an NFL roster, the quarterback is generally the highest paid player, and often, the left tackle is a close second in terms of salary. The man protecting the fine china should be compensated accordingly and greatly appreciated. The Hollywood Stars’ Chris Jackson has been as appreciated and as valued as the team’s franchised quarterback, Boo Jackson.


Jackson joined the Hollywood Stars in 2012, the team’s inaugural season, as an offensive tackle, being its key component on the offensive line.  The 6’4″ 365lbs Jackson is regarded as one of semi pro’s premiere linemen. He has NFL-like appeal, some of the best footwork one could imagine on a guy his size, and is one of the most versatile linemen, having the ability to play all five line positions.


During a tumultuous 2012 season, where the Stars clearly underachieved, was a team that was collectively in shambles, Jackson, along with the other four linemen, was the one constant the team had to feed off of. Jackson, being the team’s vocal and inspirational leader on the field, was able to right the ship and lead his team to the CFA championship.


The St. Paul’s College alum is looking to, not only get back to the CFA championship, but win it this time around in 2013. Being the selfless and ultimate team-guy that he is, Jackson has opted to switch to right tackle, with the acquisition of John Burrows, making the Stars’ offensive line arguably the best in the business.


Jackson and the hogs will face a very talented Los Angeles Falcons defense this Saturday at Jackie Robinson Stadium, which will be no easy walk in the park.

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