On the Move… Again

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By Craig Robbins
San Diego, CA (April 23, 2013) – Déjà vu, you say? This can’t be possible. Minor League football fans have seen this happen time and time again, so they shouldn’t expect anything different, correct? Well, for some odd reason, fans were under the impression that it would not happen this time around. Longtime San Diego minor league football defensive back Michael Farinas is on the move and is set to join, yet, another team for the 2013 football season. It shouldn’t come as a shock to fans, given his history, but with Farinas’ past comments supporting his initial team this season (SE San Diego Bombers), how the tides were turning, a new trend in San Diego was coming to make an indelible impact, not only down south, but throughout minor league football. The irony in this: the vaunted National City Bears, which Farinas uttered truculent remarks about, things such as, “they’re overrated, their owners aren’t for the players,” even posting defaming photos on the message boards and referring to the players as “the gay care bears,” is re-joining the NC Bears. “At the end of the day, homey, this is semi pro,” Farinas said in an attempt to explain his reasoning for leaving, why he’s bounced from team-to-team, and the lack of structure minor league football has been tagged with.

In 2011, Farinas lead the NC Bears to the conference championship game of the Labelle Community Football League (LCFL), losing to eventual league runner-up, the North County Cobras. “I’m a man who isn’t afraid to lay in the bed he made. I made my bed in any situation in life, football, whatever, and have never questioned myself,” Farinas said. Players questioned his initial move to join the up-start SE Bombers, given their lack of stability, uncertain future, and nothing tangible for players to buy in. Farinas’ track record speaks volumes; he’s won everywhere. It’s quite natural for one to think the sheep would follow its Sheppard.

If you followed Farinas’ career, one would notice an interesting pattern over the last few season: After winning a national championship with the North County Cobras in 2009, Farinas suddenly left Cobras camp just before the start of the 2010 season and joined the San Diego Thunder. In 2010, the Thunder were a top contender in the UFAL, eventually losing in the semi finals to the Compton Panthers. Soon after the 2010 season, leading up to the 2011 campaign, Farinas shocked the minor league spectrum by joining the, then two-years of existence, National City Bears. The pattern obviously coming to form, there would be no way Farinas would be on the move again, right? No way. Holding true to form, Farinas packed his bags and moved back to the San Diego Thunder, just weeks prior to the California Football Alliance (CFA) regular season in 2012.

This move back to National City comes as a shock, again, due to the fact of Farinas’ comments regarding its ownership, and how displeased he was with their operation, and the league the bears were now in (not being able to join the Southern California Football Alliance for unspecified reasons). In all of his departures, he never went out bashing his previous team – this was different. Current member of the SE Bombers, and now former teammate of Farinas (Michael Brady), had some not-so-pleasant words regarding Farinas’ departure on an often used messaged board for minor league football players, saying, “without your word, you ain’t sh*t.” Former, and now current, teammate Sean Scales supports Farinas in his decision and who he is as a person and teammate. “Yes, Farinas has bounced from team-to-team throughout his career, but I can honestly say, he has been a great teammate, never a cancer to the team and is always about winning. “Free” (Farinas’ nickname) is all about winning and putting himself in the best situation to win, along with making big plays.”

Farinas will join an already bolstered National City Bears roster, which is coming off winning the CFA championship in 2012. Farinas will join the likes of Mike Neus, Nathan Burgey, veteran dual quarterbacks Justin Happ and Michael Clark, just to name a few, in hopes of repeating as CFA champions. Fans will have the opportunity to hear from Michael Farinas first-hand on today’s edition of the Semi Pro Web Show, explaining his actions

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