Official Press Release from the California Football Alliance (CFA)

CF Meeting

The California Football Alliance (CFA) is hard at work preparing for what will be an outstanding year of football in 2013. At our March League Meeting, the CFA Executive Board and Ownership Committee did a fantastic job of coming together and working hard to start getting things set up for the CFA’s 2013 football season.

The CFA is extremely proud of the way all our owners put their personal and team agendas aside to came together to create policies, rules, and regulations with the betterment of the league and football at this level as our first and foremost priority.

In a three and half hour meeting the E-Board and Ownership Committee were able to review, amend, and approve the CFA By-Laws and the league Rules & Regulations. When differences in opinion occurred, there were no arguments or incidents between teams, owners simply talked things out rationally and calmly and the league came to a concensus on the issue, and then moved forward together.

In addition to the By-Laws and Rules & Regulations, the CFA was also received updates from all 9 of our teams. We are thrilled to announce that all our teams are viable, strong, and in good standing with our league! The CFA is currently in process of creating our league schedule which will be approved and release at our April CFA League Meeting. Other items on the agenda for April’s meeting include interviewing several referee groups and making our selection on our referee organization.

The League will also be meeting with a Marketing/Advertising Agency that is looking to represent the CFA to sponsors and media outlets. We are excited about the prospects of getting increased media exposure for our league and its players. Last and certainly not least the CFA is working diligently with other leagues to put together additional championship games for our league champion to play in beyond the CFA Championship Game.

We will have more exciting news to follow on that shortly. Once again the California Football Alliance (CFA) is dedicated to providing the great football players of Southern California the best and most well run football league to show case your talents in for the 2013 season.

Thanks for all your interest in the great things the CFA is doing!

Jeff DeVito
Vice Chairman of the CFA

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