No More Butler in Yorba Linda, CA


By Craig Robbins


August 21, 2013 (Yorba Linda, CA) – After opening up the 2013 season with two impressive victories, Defensive Coordinator Eric Butler has decided to step down as the Southern California Gladiators’ defensive leader. Butler entered 2013 as a first-time coordinator, after an impressive playing career, most notably with the San Gabriel Valley Rhinos and Foothill Firehawks.  As a player, he was fortunate enough to learn under the tutelage of legendary defensive guru, 2010 minor league football hall of fame inductee Ed Rycroft.


Under Butler, the team, specifically the defense, got off to an astonishing start, beating a very reputable Vegas Lions team, and dismantling the So Cal Eagle 47-10. Following the week of the Lions, the Gladiators took on the LCFL West championship game Runner-up, Southern California Steelers. Unfortunately for the Gladiators, they were on the wrong side of this blowout, losing to the Steelers 63-12. The loss didn’t sit too well with Head Coach Tyrone Green, which sparked him to take it upon himself to switch things up on defense.


Butler originally had his internal issues with management and the coaching staff, but this particular move by Green set him off. According to Butler, management and staff live by polar creeds: one is about winning ball games, the other doesn’t necessarily care whether the team wins or loses, just as long as revenue is being generated (players paying fees). “I already have to deal with Greg (Glads’ owner) making guys sit out for not paying their fees, now this?” Butler Said.


After a heated exchange during practice with Coach Green, and to preserve his relationship with longtime friend, former teammate and owner of the Gladiators (Greg Gray), Butler felt it was best he stepped away.


Ironically, Butler was out of work for all of five minutes, as he has abruptly found a home with the So Cal Eagles. After taking a shellacking from Butler’s Gladiator defense, if you can’t beat them, find a way to get them to join your team – possibly the mantra for the Eagles. The move couldn’t come at a worse time for the Gladiators, as it is set to take on the explosive California Tide this weekend in Pasadena, CA.

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