New Beginnings For Inglewood Receiver Tony Parham

Tony Parham

Inglewood, CA – Semi Pro Talk caught up with Inglewood Blackhawks new utility offensive player Tony Parham and asked him a few questions about this upcoming season and why he chose the Blackhawks as his new team.


Semi Pro Talk (SPT):  So Tony… You left the Falcons, what was your reasoning behind that?

Tony Parham (TP):  I got into a little little trash talking with the new QB, and the conversation got a little heated on my end, and that lead to the owner of the team getting involved asking me to calm down.


SPT: SO the QB WR relationship just wasn’t there?

TP:  He was my QB once before on a team that I didn’t like how I fit in, and he was still upset with me about leaving that team.  So long story short, after the argument I left the team.


SPT:  When you decided you were going to leave the Falcons..  How many other teams did you consider playing for?

TP:  When I left the Falcons, I only really talked to the Blackhawks, Steelers, and the Tide.  They were the only teams that I would play for.


SPT: Why did you pick the Blackhawks over those other teams?

TP: I don’t know if you know, but I’m very cocky and feel like I’m one of the best receivers or ballers to do it at this level.  I also live right around the corner from Jackie Robinson Stadium and a former Dorsey High School Alumni.  Tony Reid has something really special going on over there, I’m a guy who loves to come to practice and I know no matter what I will always have a way to practice.  And I also felt like I would be a great addition to the team because I can do whatever is needed out on the field.


SPT:  Since you have been a Blackhawk..  How has it been different from the other teams you have played on?

TP:  Honestly, it’s a big change.  Last season was my first year in semi pro, and I started off on a team that ended up folding up shop, then went to another team where dudes are fighting on the sideline and never coming to practice.  Every game I never knew who was going to be lining up with me.  Then I was with a team where I fell in love with everything, and I actually still wanted to be a part of it, but my temper problem got me into something and a few guys didn’t like how I handled myself.  So I decided to leave.  And the Blackhawks are ran great; from the coaches and owners, to the merchandise and practice facility… it just felt like organized football again.  Just the little things like knowing people will be at practice working hard, and I can come early and a good stretch in.


SPT:  You have played WR, RB, and returned kicks…  How do you see yourself having the biggest role on the field with your new team?

TP:  I just see myself diong my part when I’m called upon.  If you want me to take the safety away on a play, I will do it; you need me to get the 1st down, I will do it.  I also see myself helping everyone out around me from reading the defense to attacking certain players.  If they need me to help Brian Flowers I’m there, need me in the slot, I’m there, onside kicks, kick return, blocking kicks.. it doesn’t matter.  I’m there.


SPT:  Now i have scene you in person a few times now, and you are quite small.. but once you line up on the ball, you play a lot bigger than you really are. Do you feel that some defenses might over look you because of your size?

TP:  Yeah! I guess that’s how I get a lot of my stats.. I’m known to get lost in a crowd and pop out with the ball, or on fades in the back of the endzone then come up with the ball so I can slam dunk it lol…   I’m a very short guy, but I play very aggressively.. I guess it’s because I play with no fear.  No fear of messing up, no fear of getting hurt, no fear of anything.


SPT:  Away from Team goals.. What are some of your personal goals for this season?

TP:  Me personally, is just to get guys to see that no matter where I am that I’m going to back my talk up. I am going to ball and get guys to see my abilities and that I am not a selfish player.  I learned how to talk trash from Chad Ocho Cinco himself, from the DB checklist to the “I’m Untouchable”.


SPT:  Which DB gave you the best look last year?

TP:  In the CFA, honestly I didn’t get much work against DB’s last season because I played running back.  But when I was at slot, there were a lot of smart corners in the league: Brandon Smith from the Tide, Damien Hale now with the Tide, and also Mike Free.. He won our battle between us because my QB under through me on a streak and got up there and got the pick.  But I haven’t seen too many corner lined up that really stood out but those.


SPT:  Well thank you for your time Tony, and look forward to great season from you.

TP:  No problem, thanks for the write up.



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