Letter from the CFA Chairman

cfa meeting

Dear Players, Coaches, Colleagues,

In our effort to be completely forthcoming and transparent in 2013, we wanted to keep you abreast of the latest information with our league.

The CFA is alive and well!

Four teams, the Smash, Stars, Dolphins, and Bears, who opted to stay with the CFA have actively recruited new members and have confirmed four new teams, and awaiting confirmation from four additional teams. So, we currently have a league consisting of 8 confirmed teams and will possibly be at 10-12 after the weekend. That makes us a completely viable league. CFA made an effort to reach out to teams we felt would be equally competitive with talent as well as having a sound business plan that are deemed as being financially successful. To respect for their privacy, we will make our league announcement on Saturday March 2, 2013.

With regards to the players request to unify football in Southern California, we have reached out to both the LCFL and the UFAL in an effort to bring together all the leagues within the alliance. Jeff Devito, CFA Vice Chairman, met with both leaderships from the LCFL and the UFAL in an effort to make this happen. CFA have proposed on paying an entry fee into the alliance, bringing a quality league with quality teams, and have the opportunity to play for the Southern California Championship in a well-planned play-off system. We look forward to a mutual understanding from all the leagues and a better quality of life for the minor league football industry in Southern California.

We would like to thank everyone for setting personal differences aside. We are very excited for this opportunity.

We look forward to a successful partnership. We can’t wait to get back on the field, where football belongs!


Juwan Hurd
CFA Chairman of the Board

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