Laffitte Looking for Another MVP Season in 2013


LOS ANGELES, Calif. (April 19, 2013) — Entering his second year with the Blackhawks, linebacker Deon Laffitte says he’s coming into the season with a whole different midset than what he has had in the past 5 years.  “I’m coming into the 2013 season to dominate” stated Laffitte.  Last year Deon joined a Blackhawk team that was filled with talent but decided to be a role player on a team that already had it’s mojo.  “I had some work obligations which kept me from practicing on a consistant basis so I knew I had to play my part” stated Laffitte.  This year I’m coming into the season to get another Defensive MVP award.


In 2009, Laffitte dominated the LCFL on the defensive side of the ball to win the leagues Defensive Player of the Year Award.  Since then, every Defensive MVP has been on the Blackhawks.  2010, Roy Otis, 2011 Roy Otis, and in 2012 Leon Friend.  We have the three best linebackers in the game and in 2013 they will see a hungrier and nastier defensive unit on the field stated Laffitte.  “With me Roy and 5 on the field all at once, it’s gonna be kind of scary out there.  Deon is known for his Ray Lewis type leadership on the field and his intense playing style.  “I’m just a piece to the puzzle”.  At the end of the day, this is Roy Otis team and I respect that.  He’s a true leader and has led this team before me of 5 got here.  But now you got us all on the same field at the same time.  “Can’t Wait”.

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