Its Never to Late to Chase Your Dreams

tim parker

National City Bears kicker Tim Parker has been kicking footballs through the uprights for almost as long as some football players have been alive.

In 2012 he was awarded the CFA Special Teams Player of the year, and at the age of 32, nailed a 56 yard field goal as time expired to put his team 3 points ahead of the California Tide.  Since that time it has lit a fire in his game that has helped him to take it to the next level, both training wise and levels of football.

“It was such a great experience… It is what every kicker dreams about having the opportunity for.  I’m just glad that it went in and that it gave our team the win.” said Tim Parker when asked about his accomplishment.

The kicker of a football team is usually someone the team does not boast about.  But Tim has gotten the nick name “Legatron” from his team mates.  “Honestly, I like it.  One of the best receivers in the game is called megatron, so I guess having a similar nick name for my craft is an honor.”  Tim is also an avid weight lifter, and has put up 225lbs on bench 34 times, not a typical benchmark set by kickers.

In recent weeks, Tim Parker has attended the NFL Regional Combine, an event where non draft eligible players can showcase their talents with the hopes of making it to the main event held in Indianapolis.  From what scouts have said, he performed very well at the combine, and he has even peaked some teams interests in his ability to consistently hit the long ball, and also being able to perform double duties as a punter.  Being a combo kicker/punter literally 3x your NFL stock, as it allows them to use 1 body in camp for 3 positions (Kicker, Punter, Kick Off Specialist).

Since the event, Tim has been shown interest by a few NFL teams, one of them being the Lions.  With Jason Hanson’s announced retirement, they have been shuffling kickers in the door to see who will be invited back for camp after the draft.

We hope Tim the best of luck with his recruiting, and hope to see him in an NFL camp come April.

Tim Parker Benching 225 x34 Times

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