If You Ain’t Cheating, You Ain’t Winning


If you’re gonna cheat, it better be in the playoffs…..That’s the new motto of NDPFL president Jeff DeVito. After leading the charge to make sure a player from the Cobras was suspended for the ENTIRE season (which included fines and forfeits of the games the Cobra player played) from being on the Gladiators OVER A YEAR AGO, DeVito did his Roger Goddell impression by trying to bury the truth about last Saturday’s Raiders/Cobras game.

The NDPFL has become a joke of hypocrisy and a league to avoid. The owners that point a finger seem to always have skeletons in their closets. In this season, they have had graveyards.

The Cobra player and why it was ruled he was SUSPENDED FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON, including a $250 fine per game played, and an automatic forfeit. This player played for the Gladiators LAST SEASON. After the 2014 season ended, he told the owner Greg Gray (NDPFL Owner of the Year) he was not coming back. Greg took him off the roster and said he was “cut”. He played for two spring ball teams, and another team in this fall 2015 in a different league after leaving the Gladiators. The team in the other league this fall 2015 ended up folding after a couple games, so the player joined the Cobras. Greg Gray, finding out that this player joined the Cobras, put this players name BACK on the roster and then claimed he never released him. Even though this player hadn’t played for the Gladiators in OVER A YEAR, and played on THREE DIFFERENT TEAMS AFTER THE GLADIATORS, the Cobras were fined and forced to forfeit every game this player was in. But rules are rules right? Gray had an old contract, and stated he never released him. And if EXTORTION of an entire team was not enough, Gray even APPROACHED THE PLAYER AND SAID IT WOULD ALL GO AWAY FOR $300…….(Owner of the Year)

Raiders/Cobras game: ID’s were checked at the BEGINNING of the game. However, some Raider players conveniently showed up “late”. These late players were never checked. One of the Raiders players who came late signed a COBRA CONTRACT in June 2015. He played in preseason, and played in a SEASON game against the Valley Predators. He NEVER PAID his team fees, even though he was given a uniform for the games he played. HE WAS NEVER RELEASED. He knew he could not check in, as Terence Webster was the one checking ID’s and he would be spotted. At the end of the game, several Cobra players recognized him and told Terence. Terence then emailed Jeff Devito and the entire league a copy of the player’s contract with the COBRAS on Monday, following the game. Following the NDPFL Rules and Regulations….. “All players under contract must be cleared by their current team in order to play for another team. Any team using a player under contract that has not been released shall FORFEIT the games he played in. Owners are RESPONSIBLE to verify the player’s ELIGIBILITY.” And…… “No player movement between teams is allowed after the player SIGNS the CONTRACT with the team unless the contracted team APPROVES of the player’s release.” This one appeared to be more severe than the former Gladiator player, considering this was a PLAYOFF GAME, and the contract was signed THIS YEAR, not LAST YEAR, AND he played in a REGULAR SEASON GAME WITH THE COBRAS.

Here is DeVito’s response. “The NDPFL Executive Board has reviewed evidence you presented, and we have discussed it among the owners. At this time we do not find any rule violation on the part of the California Raiders. While the Cobras do have a signed contract from *********, he is not and was never submitted on the Cobras NDPFL League Roster. Mr. ****** is indeed on the Raiders NDPFL team roster and has been playing for the Raiders during the 2015 NDPFL season. ******* will be allowed to play in the Championship Game.

I guess DeVito never read the Rules and Regulations he SIGNED as an owner when he first entered the NDPFL. But DeVito has never been one to follow the rules, unless it benefits him. (Remember the CFA? DeVito did a great job there too)

After talking to a few of the Cobra players, they would rather play the game on the FIELD than BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. The Raiders won the game on the field. They deserve to be in the championship. But the PRICE the Cobras had to PAY for JUST TWO PLAYOFF GAMES of football…… ($900+) in fines, forfeit games, and not allow a player to play because of a jealous ex owner……seems like a good reason to let owners in other leagues know…..Jeff DeVito is poison. Greg Gray is poison. Karen Bratchowitch is poison, Andy Cruz is poison. And the Raiders….maybe they knew, maybe they didn’t. But it sure must be nice to get away with it. And DeVito, when you put IN WRITING that you discuss this VIOLATION with ALL Owners, you probably should REALLY DO THAT.

So at the championship game….smoke em if you got em. Blunts, cigars, cigarettes, bongs. And bring a keg too. Come on…..DeVito is President now. Who needs rules?? But…..”parking is $10 guys”.

Fall 2016 “The Great Reorganization”

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