Hudson on The Move

Corey Hudson

By Craig Robbins


July 28, 2013 (Los Angeles, CA) — The irony of a blockbuster deal flying under the radar seems odd and highly unlikely in the sports world.  Well, in the world of semi pro football, a major deal went down, and many were oblivious to a meter-moving acquisition: Longtime running back and now former Southern California Steeler, Corey Hudson, has signed with the 2012 minor league football national champion Inglewood Blackhawks.


Hudson had been a key constant for the Southern California Steelers’ ground game for the past several seasons. Most notably, Hudson’s best season came in 2009, when he nearly rushed for 2,000 yards. As many players came to the Steelers and left, Hudson’s position (running back) was never an area of concern for the team, given whom it had at the helm.


The big question to this move is why? Being the primary source, offensively, for the Steelers’ success for many years, battling with rivals such as the Inglewood Blackhawks, NC Cobras, etc., why would one essentially join the dark-side and now have to share, not only touches among the offensive weapons on the team, but a very crowded and talented backfield?


One thing is for certain, the Blackhawks essentially became that much more potent offensively, giving opposing teams another stellar player to scout and prepare to hopefully contain.

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