Embracing Life After Football


by Sean Scales

July 29, 2013 (Los Angeles, CA) – What does one do after so much blood, sweet, and tears has been invested in a hobby for over 30 years? At what point do you wake up in the morning to the blaring sound of your alarm clock, roll over, plant your feet firmly on the ground, and say to yourself, “today is the day?” Well, today was that day for Head Coach Brian Banks of the Los Angeles Falcons, as he announced publically, his retirement from coaching football.

Banks has been praised by many to be a man of great poise and demeanor. While always eager to provide lessons on the field, Banks would be equally celebrated for his influences off the field. Equipped with an endless imagination, his ability to devise an offensive scheme has shown that he possesses the capacity to take an under achieving program, and turn them into a plausible organization in due time.

By making the decision of becoming the Head Coach in 2012 for the Los Angeles Falcons, many would be flabbergasted at the idea; but Banks saw more in these men than what their peers perceived them to be. Although lacking the blockbuster talent at this level, Banks knew change would come; it just took persistence and faith. Instilling this notion in the heads of his team, we witnessed a program who took a clobbering in their first two games, develop into a team that was barely losing games by the skin of their teeth.

Entering the 2013 season, Banks and the Falcons obtained much more talent this offseason, making them the talk of the town. Acquiring Offensive products such as Quarterback Anthony Andre and Wide Receivers Covy Thomas and Marquise Jenkins, this Falcons team had fully upgraded, and it was in full display in their first competition of the year, as Banks offense put together three thrilling drives, in which the Falcons overcame a 21 point deficit.

In the Falcons latest contest, they suffered a 41-0 defeat to the defending 2012 National Champs, Inglewood Blackhawks, leaving many to wonder, “What happened to the new and improved Falcons team?” Well that answer is simple, the Blackhawks happened.

But a man who has been a part of many wins and losses would surely not just hang them up after one 41-0 victory, right? Wrong. Although the defeat this past weekend did not sit well with Banks, many internal issues lead to his decision to hang up the clipboard and whistle. When asked if he would be willing to elaborate more on, Banks politely declined, and stated that he would personally address the matter when he felt the time was most suitable.

At this point in life, Banks has achieved many things on the gridiron. He has watched boys grow into men, and has helped men become better ones. But as of today, his own happiness is the only gratification that he is seeking. Leaving nothing behind, Banks believes he has accomplished all that was needed within those white lines, and that his new position in life is one that no longer requires X’s and O’s.

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