Eddings Can Sell

So Cal Steelers vs. Inglewood Blackhawks

By Craig Robbins

July 15, 2013 (Los Angeles, CA) — Persuasion is underneath the umbrella term of influence. More specifically, persuasion is influence, but it requires communication, whereas influence doesn’t necessarily. A good salesman has not only the ability to be very influential, but uses his product and tailors it in a way that is best suited for his respective clients. Customers can’t say no. In football, recruiters (college), coaches and GMs (pros) have to demonstrate an innate ability to move people towards their product, in this case, their particular football team. Coaching and GM jobs are a constant revolving door in the sports industry, due to the fact that team’s ability to win games need to happen as fast as yesterday.


Chris Eddings came on to the minor league football scene, not as a player, but as a coach in 2009 with the Long Beach Lions. In 2009, the Long Beach Lions bolstered an impressive regular season record, going 9-1, eventually losing in the second round of the playoffs to the vaunted Inglewood Blackhawks. Soon after the ’09 season, Eddings took his talents to the city of Carson, CA and joined the newly formed Carson Ragin’ Bulls, an expansion team in the United Football Alliance League (UFAL), not as a coach, this time as the team’s General Manager.  “I’ve always been interested in putting together talent and getting the right guys that fit,” Eddings said in a phone interview with semiprotalk.com. While with the Bulls, Eddings went on a recruiting tear, acquiring some of minor league footballs most standout guys. Names such as Jonathan Johnson (Arizona State University), Herbert Cash (Univ. Idaho), Freddie Parrish (Notre Dame), Thomas Perez (Colorado) and Oklahoma native Brandon Noohi as the team’s quarterback were some of the few standouts among a laundry list of guys on the team.



The Ragin’ Bulls eventually plowed through the UFAL, becoming champions of the league in 2010, defeating the Compton Panthers. In 2011, there was not much of a drop off from the previous season as far as assembled talent. “I go after young guys, who don’t necessarily have ties to semi pro. Those guys are more coachable and are usually in much better shape.” The Carson Ragin’ Bulls found itself in the championship game in consecutive seasons, this time in the UDFL, a league with supposed much better competition. The Bulls fell short to the Norwalk Cowboys, lead by league MVP, quarterback Kyle Parrish.


After just two season of operation, the Carson Ragin’ Bulls decided to close-up shop for unspecified reasons, leaving Eddings looking for another gig. After being courted by several different teams, even considering starting his own minor league team (South Bay Colts), Eddings decided to join the Southern California Steelers of the LCFL West in 2012. Eddings had no problem with putting his stamp on the Steelers, acquiring players like Maurice Miller (CB), Kinte Haynes (FS) and Hayo Carpenter (WR), to name a few. After a few disappointing seasons prior to Edding’s arrival, the Steelers were primed to right the ship in 2012, and Eddings was the man behind the operation. Some may say he has the Midas touch: in 2009, as a coach, his team finished the regular season with a 9-1 record. In 2010, his team won the UFAL championship. 2011, the team he assembled was the UDFL runner-ups. Finally, in 2012, in his initial season, his Southern California Steelers lost a heart-breaking championship game to the three-time champions, Inglewood Blackhawks.


2013 couldn’t be any different, right? Eddings hit the ground running in 2013 and has acquired an all star-esque cast for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, the Southern California Smash decided to shutdown operations, which meant fire sale in Eddings’ eyes. Along with signing key players off of the Smash, such as Bernard Afutiti (DT) and Blass Lauaki (DE), he has also re-joined the likes of Herbert Cash (CB), Dwayne Sanders (WR) and Justin Ellison (TE), players whom helped bolster the 2010 Ragin’ Bulls team. One meter-moving signing done by Eddings was the acquisition of defensive back Charles Ealy. This move came as a shocker, as Ealy was originally slated to become a member of the California Tide. “And I’m not done!” Eddings said.


The Southern California Steelers appear to be a very formidable group in 2013 and ripe to potentially challenge the Inglewood Blackhawks as its set to extend its consecutive game winning streak (currently 41) and on a mission to win an unprecedented fourth-straight championship.

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