Champagne Taste – Beer Money


by Drake “Buffy” Griffin

This analogy has been uttered on the message board a couple times. The essence of this analogy relates to a segment of owners who have bigger ambitions and dreams, than capita. February we all see  new teams emerge and advertise on the message boards with delusions of grandeur. From fancy jerseys designs to promises of Grade A facilities. However, once June comes around reality sets in quickly.


So far in a few weeks of preseason action we have been privy to this. The basics players are accustomed to from High School, College, and ( for a select few) professional level are in some cases a luxury in the world of semi pro. Teams have forfeited games due to no permits or insurance on fields. Players have been spotted in practice jerseys, mismatched helmets, and even t-shirts. Looking  unprofessional and bush league.  Seems very* troublesome for the upcoming season. Teams have already been pegged as not surviving the entire season.


What is the root of this? Seems to be the age old adage “ anything you can do I can do better”.  Players or coaches see owners  field teams, and figure it must be easy I can do it as well. Problem being these people either don’t have any business acumen or financial stability to do it right.  It takes a lot to run a semi pro team correctly. Practice fields require permits, insurance, and in some cases payment for lights. As do fields to play games on. It can even be a hassle to acquire a good field to play on.  Throw in getting quality jerseys as well, and the money accrued can dry up quick.  You can’t start out with no money to spend and expect to get by on fees to be ready by summer time pre-season start up.


Now in a perfect world 50-60 people would come out with their $250-$300 on the first day of camp. But in reality that does not happen I have seen championship level teams where players were still being pursued for fees by midseason.  If your semi pro team dreams are built on fees, you might come up short.  I have heard from a couple of owners that fees don’t even cover everything in terms of expenses.


Owners of the future should do a little research before they begin their  journey into team ownership.

I.        Finding quality facilities for practice and games, that you can afford.

II.        Finding quality jerseys, that yes you can afford.

III.        Checking interest level for players in the area you are setting up (can’t play games with 14 people)

IV.        Wouldn’t hurt to pick an owners brain who knows what the hell they doing.( Shabaka,Tony Reid, Tony Vinson etc )  Let’s be real we know who doing “Good Business” and who not.


Will this game ever be featured on ESPN.No. But no need to go out there looking worse than pop warner kids.

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