Breaking Down the Big Boys: Part 1

Top Semi Pro OL

By: Gene Hays

It is common knowledge among owners and coaches that finding quality big men is not the easiest task. Teams that do find these gems generally reap the benefits through winning records and championship trophies. Whether it is making a drive stopping sack or helping punch their running back into the endzone, linemen is without a doubt one of the most important positions on the field. However, even with their hard work and weekly sacrifice, linemen are regularly forgotten behind the stat-thirsty position players that make the highlight reels. It is for these reasons and many more, SPT would like to present the first of a two part series highlighting the best units and individual linemen on both sides of the ball. Today, we start with the biggest boys, the Hawgs, the Offensive Linemen:


Top 5 Offensive Line Units:

1. Southern California Coyotes: In their inaugural fall season, the So Cal Coyotes caught the eyes of the semi-pro world with their large crowds and impressive play. The Offensive Line, led by long time veteran and AAA Hall of Fame Center Brian “Porkchop” Gollnick, were the driving force behind the Coyotes first UFAL regular season title which included a come from behind 36-33 win over the California Raiders in which the Coyotes were down 27-3 in the first half. Sporting one of the most prolific offenses in California semi-pro history, and with the additions of Tuvalu Melei and former AIFL Ontario Warrior Alexander Freeman, the Coyotes will look to continue their success in the NDPFL in 2014.

2. California Raiders: The Raiders Offensive Line turned some heads this past season simply due to the sheer mass of its players. With the “Twin Towers” of Kirk Fields and ­­­Debron “Grande” Jordan coupled with the athleticism of Andrew Reupena, the Raiders stormed the SCFA in 2013 which included a surprising 18-16 victory over eventual LCFL Champion Blackhawks. RB Erin Madden has stated on more than one occasion that he loves knowing he has these big boys in front of him on any running play. With transactions in the works by new owner Maurice Ross, 2014 looks bright for the Raiders and their Offensive Line.

3. Inglewood Blackhawks: No team can have the dynasty the Blackhawks have had without production from the offensive line. Anchored by veteran Dorsey Mitchell and recent newcomer Josh Spencer, the Blackhawk Offensive Line has paved the way for a strong running game led by RB Brian Flowers and gave QB Brandon Brooks a lot of time to read defenses. With the additions of veteran Mac McKee and rookie Sione Gutierrez, the Blackhawks Offensive Line looks to remain a force in Southern California Semi-Pro football.

4. Downey Apaches: It what has been considered one of the larger free-agent transactions this off-season, the Apaches have upgraded to an already solid Offensive Line by adding the Laygo Bowl selection combo of Bobby Patterson and Gene Hays. Alongside former PDFA All-Star Stephen Martinez and Apache staples Angel & Caesar Franco, the new additions to the Offensive Line will certainly create some buzz around the LCFL. Head Coach Anthony Atkins states that “the Offensive Line is the base of any great organization and the Apaches are truly building towards a championship contention”.

5. Southern California Steelers: Besides the Blackhawks, the Steelers are probably considered one of the more storied organizations in California semi-pro football. A large part of their success has been the Offensive Line, particularly the play of their tackles Jesse Holmes and Brock Holbert. With the addition of a few interior linemen, QB Les Obie will have plenty of time to continue what made him the LCFL Offensive MVP.


Top 10 Offensive Linemen

  1. Jesse Holmes – Tackle – So Cal Steelers
  2. Shar Pourdanesh – Tackle – California Tide
  3. Kirk Fields – Center/Tackle – California Raiders
  4. Bobby Patterson – Center/Guard – Downey Apaches
  5. Chris Jackson – Tackle – Hollywood Stars
  6. Brock Holbert – Tackle – So Cal Steelers
  7. Alexander Freeman – Tackle/Guard – So Cal Coyotes
  8. Dorsey Mitchell – Guard – Inglewood Blackhawks
  9. Mac McKee – Guard – Inglewood Blackhawks
  10. Gene Hays – Center/Guard – Downey Apaches

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