Another Departure from The CFA


By Craig Robbins

July 29, 2013 (Palm Springs, CA)As rumors swirled regarding the league destination for the Desert Chiefs, whether or not it would be leaving the CFA for the PCFC or not last week, it has been confirmed that it is, in fact, on the move and will be joining the PCFC for the 2013 season.

The moves is a huge blow for the CFA, as it is now down to 6 teams total, meaning schedule alterations and uncertainty for its respective players. With the season opener just weeks away, the CFA needs to act quickly to remedy the situation.

From and unnamed source within the PCFC, a proposal was made by the Chiefs’ front office, stating it would possibly leave the CFA for the PCFC if there were a spot available. At the time, the PCFC was not accepting any more teams, because adding additional teams would mean schedule alterations. The PCFC was under the impression that the Compton Panthers were still in its league. The Panthers are, in fact, out, opening up a slot for the Chiefs to participate, in what would be its inaugural season for 2013.

A likely plan of action for the CFA would be to play inter-league games with teams from respective leagues within Southern California (LCFL West & PCFC), potentially taking a step forward in unifying semi-professional football in Southern California as a whole.

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