2 Time Coach of the Year Finds New Home

Tony Vinson

– San Diego, CA

The 2013 season would not have been what it was without the LCFL Coach of the Year, Tony Vinson.  Breaking the Minor League Football record winning streak of 47 consecutive wins of the Blackhawks, putting together one of the most stingiest defenses in Semi Pro history, and playing in a championship game that was one for the ages.  All this was accomplished because of the hard work and dedication that Tony has put into building his team.   Over the last 10 years, Tony has founded and made the North County Cobras to be one of the nations most winningest programs, and a true model of consistency.  During this time, the Cobras have won a national Championship, which to this day was the single most attended venue of our leagues, and been to a of total 3 Championships.   Tony has also achieved 4 undefeated regular seasons, stopped the Firehawks 22 game winning streak, took the Cobras on a 27 game winning streak, been nominated as the Head Coach for 2 All Stars with both turning into wins, and selected to coach an Arena All Star team as well.  As of April 16th, 2014, he plans to bring the San Diego Stallions to that same level.

After talking with Tony, he said: “It was going to be real hard to sit back and watch everyone play football this coming season and not be directly involved with a team.  After I announced that I was taking a year off of football, I began to talk to Ray, the General Manager of the Stallions, and after a few months decided that this was the best option for me to directly impact a team.  I wanted to stay involved with the LCFL, and not one of these new pop up leagues of the year.  The Stallions have been a steady program over the last few years, they always have a field, they always win a good amount of games, they always have good talent, and they are a well run organization.  They are one of those teams that is a few good moves away from being a top contender in the LCFL year in and year out.  And I am glad they have the trust in me to help them get there.”

Over the last few seasons, the Stallions have been a steady program in the LCFL.  When you look at some of their past teams on paper, they seem to have a plethora of talent, but as the season progresses, they seem to find themselves barely into the playoffs, or barely out of it.  The addition of Tony Vinson will directly help this issue for the Stallions.  Tony is a known top end recruiter of San Diego talent and is well respected for his achievements with the Cobras.  “Tony brings not only the attitude of a winner, but a championship pedigree and leadership qualities.  This is someone I fully and completely trust to help lead our team to where we need to be.  We are excited to have Tony on board, and are eager to see some of the immediate impacts he will have on our organization.” – Ray, General Manager of the San Diego Stallions.

Moving into the 2014 season, the Stallions have a young core of highly talented players with size and speed and are returning over 20 players to the team.  Their offense will be lead by QB Will Williams, and will also return star player Brock Ringo.  The Stallions also are announcing the return of Brandon Newman.  Newman was a force on offense when he was last with the Stallions, and will make an immediate impact on their team for the 2014 season.

One thing that Southern California Minor League Football will be asking itself over the next few weeks, is how the addition of Tony Vinson will effect the teams from San Diego.  Being a well respected Owner/Coach, on top of being known as a players coach, you would assume that talent from the San Diego area will begin to have an open eye to joining the Stallions organization and helping to achieve their goals for this year.  All in all a fantastic move for the Stallions, and one that will help them to be a contender in the LCFL almost immediately.

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